WhatsApp Business API

Drive sales. Offer real-time support, and kick off brand conversations on everybody's favorite messaging app.

Send notifications and offer instant customer care in a safe, dependable, and user-friendly manner thanks to our WhatsApp Business API. The preferred choice for the fastest-growing companies on the globe.

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WhatsApp Business API

Here's how you can leverage WhatsApp Business API in two distinct manners

Customer Care
WhatsApp Business API is the holy grail of real-time customer support. It covers the spectrum of incomparable customer experiences, from rolling out immersive promotions to building lifelong client relationships.

With WhatsApp Business API, you can offer support through consumer-initiated discussions, send responses using either a personalized message or a predefined communication template, and a lot of other good stuff such as:

Create template messages that can be delivered whenever you want to start a dialogue with your customer base. Regular customer support notifications, including ticket updates, two-factor verification codes, reminders, payment alerts, delivery updates, and more.

WhatsApp Business API Solution

With WhatsApp Business API by your side, you never have to second guess whether it'll work for your business or not. Instead, you know it will.

Launching a new product next week? No problem. Announcing a shiny new membership plan? We've got your back there too. With the WhatsApp Business API solution, you can control the velocity of your customer engagement initiatives and shorten the go-live date from weeks to hours thanks to the encrypted, cloud-based hosting.

WhatsApp Cloud API enables businesses to tailor their user experience, enhance response time, drive sales and take their business to new heights in just a few easy steps.

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There's a reason businesses are hooked on our WhatsApp Business API. Our solution offers multilingual conversation capabilities which empower you to deliver real-time customer support and customize alerts in the regional languages your customers speak.

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Rolling out a large volume of WhatsApp messages? Fret not. You will get notified of the message progress and delivery using our WhatsApp Business API. Plus, when your ads are successfully sent, you will receive alerts about when it was sent, delivered, and read.

In addition, you can label incoming messages from your end-users as "read," signifying that the message was viewed by your support staff/chatbot, thereby increasing transparency in interaction. How's that for 100% success - delivered!

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WhatsApp, like us, takes data security seriously. As your data custodians, we leave no stone unturned to ensure that our WhatsApp Business API is GDPR compliant from start to end.

As such, WhatsApp business partners, including our WhatsApp Business API solution, follow rigorous protocols to ensure that WhatsApp (as the data processor) has and implements adequate measures.

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Regardless of the size or type of business, know that with our WhatsApp Business API, you can become an omnipotent force. Share videos, pdfs, images, catalogs, updates, and a range of multimedia content in just a few clicks and viola! Within a second, your messages get delivered anywhere in the world. Plus, all this comes at a cost that will have you laughing all the way to the bank.

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Leverage the full power of WhatsApp Business API using our one-stop integration with CRM, Bot, and Lead Management software. Manage leads, easily interact with clients in real-time, deliver consistent customer service, update statuses, and much more - from one unified dashboard.

Moreover, with a shared team inbox, you can seamlessly (and literally) have your entire support team on one page to deliver the error-free, hassle-free, positive customer experience you always wanted.

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Pick RSoft as your approved WhatsApp Business Solution Provider.

With millions of apps at our disposal, identifying the right app for the job can be more complicated than ever. Thankfully, with WhatsApp Business API by your side, you never have to second guess whether it'll work for your business or not. Instead, you know it will.

Real-time transactions

Chat Commerce enables real-time, on-demand transactions that are safe, secure, and designed to ensure transparency.

The force of Salez Robot CRM and WhatsApp Business API

Our bundled WhatsApp Business API and Salez Robot CRM solution offers you the best of both worlds. All the benefits of a robust CRM combine with the magic of the world’s most popular instant messaging service to make for an invincible sales pipeline that keeps converting.

100% uptime

Our extensive support packages are designed to serve all your company needs all the time. Day and night. You can now forget downtimes and focus on improving your customer experiences.

The platform created to connect

Manage your touchpoints, merchandise, and subscriptions via a single web-based user dashboard. Do more with WhatsApp Business API.


RSoft's platform architecture includes message security, guaranteeing that communications between the company and customers are secure.

Easy to reach WhatsApp, email and phone assistance

No question is too small. We are here for you. Round the clock. The RSoft support staff is accessible for prompt assistance during business hours, whenever you need it.

Benefits of WhatsApp Business API

The preferred choice for the fastest-growing companies on the globe

Use auto-responses to handle client interactions and enrich user engagement levels. With WhatsApp Business API, you completely control your service delivery, including automating welcome responses and personalizing auto-replies. Build automatic WhatsApp response workflows based on client actions. Create a bank of self-service FAQS, and optimize your customer support team's productivity.

By integrating the WhatsApp Business API delivered by RSoft, you open your business's doors to a world of possibilities. Leverage insights to cross-sell, up-sell, and trigger ads that precisely cater to your target audience.

Pair workflow automation with the API and make automation work for you. This is made possible by our cloud-hosted platform, which enables you to interact and communicate with clients via their favorite chat app.

  • Construct personalized customer experiences using automation, AI chatbots, and human-in-the-loop buttons.
  • Self-help has never been this easy. Create self-service actions via our user-friendly drag-and-drop UI.
  • Have a ton of company FAQs to deal with? No sweat. You can automate company FAQ replies for many use cases, including engagement endeavors, customer care, and commercial dossiers.
  • Weave human-like sentience in your interactions. Conversations simulate human responses and are as natural-sounding as possible, thanks to sophisticated tools like our keywords manager.
  • The human touch? Consider it done. Easily switch discussions from the bot to a human agent when deemed necessary.
  • Extend your operations to connect with and leverage other mobile platforms, including SMS, to maximize possibilities.

Share the latest products, roll out the newest service offerings, or share regular updates with your audiences. Keep driving sales and make all the right noises in your branding endeavors via the WhatsApp message broadcast feature. Trigger messages or update customer profiles with just one integration on the RSoft platform.

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