Lead Management System

Manage Leads Productively with a Lead Management Software.

Every company, regardless of its size, relies on leads. To expand your business, you need to convert leads into lifelong clients. And to accomplish this, you ought to have 100% visibility, and control of sales and marketing leads in a structured way.

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Lead management
is defined as

Lead management is acquiring leads, tracking their
interactions with your company, such as email,
chat, or website activity, filtering quality
leads, and engaging them until they buy your
goods or services.


  • Step 1 Capture leads
  • Step 2 Lead nurturing and tracking
  • Step 3 Lead Qualifier
  • Step 4 Disseminate leads
  • Step 5 Lead nurturing

The Salez Robot Lead Management Methodology

The five stages below comprise the tried-and-tested Salez Robot lead management process.

Email, web forms, chat apps, social media, webinars, and sponsored advertisements are all opportunities to approach prospective buyers during lead generation initiatives.

A robust lead management software guarantees that every lead from web forms, emails, and chat is automatically entered into the CRM software, stopping leads from going unnoticed.

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Your staff, whether in sales or marketing ops, should not be spending hours digging for information on each lead or manually entering data.

The Salez Robot lead management software automatically creates a lead's database with publicly accessible data, including their job role, region, timezone, business name, and social network profiles. In addition, it can monitor a lead's online actions (pages viewed, links opened, materials downloaded) and email interactions.

This information goldmine enables sales reps to understand their customers' goals better and customize their sales strategy. In addition, it provides your marketing team with the necessary background for tailoring email promotions.

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A contact scoring formula that grades your contacts according to their engagement level in your product or service, demographic data, purchase pattern, and interaction with your company—is one accurate strategy to qualify leads.

Our predictive scoring algorithm assists you in ranking contacts with whom you communicate by analyzing past data and delivering a score to each contact based on factors such as job role, website activity, and level of engagement with your business.

Your reps can quickly cherry-pick suitable leads and devote their efforts to closing the deal. In addition, Salez Robot lead management software with AI-powered contact scoring powers can save money and support your marketing and sales staff.

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The quicker your sales staff engage with prospects, the more likely they will convert them. However, manually allocating a large number of leads to the appropriate sales staff can be tedious and decelerate lead response times.

The Salez Robot lead management software rounds-robins leads to sales reps spanning geographies, allocates phone numbers to regions, and redirects calls to sales staff.

Rather than physically hunting for fresh leads in the CRM software, your sales staff can prioritize allocated leads. Lead management systems also provide reports indicating the most profitable territory and help identify sales staff achieving their targets and any sales shortcomings.

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A handful of your leads are sales-ready; however, the vast bulk is not. Maybe they checked out your site or attended a webinar a couple of months back- but that's about it.

Several may still be in the survey or learning stage, attempting to determine if your solution would answer their problems.

Lead nurturing aims to inform and showcase the benefits of your product/service. With lead management software in play, you can run nurturing promotional activities for such leads who aren't quite ready to buy yet. Here is where you inform and emphasize value via content and special deals, assisting them in their decision-making journey.

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Lead Scoring by property, website, email and in-app Only webforms. Cannot track website events
Auto-lead assignment
Free email, phone and chat support

Be ready when leads are sales-ready

Managing leads is a time-and-energy-guzzling process for sales reps. But that is no longer the case.
With the Salez Robot lead management software, most tasks are automatically handled, and the balance
gets done with a mere touch of the finger.

  • Capture leads from digital campaigns in real time
  • Lead qualification 
  • Lead scoring
  • No duplicity 

Capture leads from digital campaigns in real time

With the Salez Robot lead management software, you can import every one of your leads onto the unified platform, regardless of whether they came through a live chat, your homepage, social networking sites, or a search campaign. When you instantly connect, you increase your chances of an instant conversion.

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Lead qualification

Lead qualification evaluates whether or not a lead is ready to purchase or sign up for your product or solution.

Moreover, Salez Robot's software comprises data analytics features that enable your marketing and sales teams to gain a better contextual picture of prospects by detecting trends in behavior that suggest a conversion or disengagement instantly and automatically.

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Lead scoring

A lead management system can simplify your task by rating leads according to their engagement and interest in your brand and pinpointing leads with a high willingness to buy.

Automated high and low scorecards empower your teams to target the correct leads and close sales quickly.

Since most of the lead scoring step is automated, our intelligent algorithms evaluate lead info, join the dots, and assist you in grouping leads into subgroups. This gives you more command over how and why a particular lead is qualified or disqualified. It also implies fewer retrospective evaluations of what went awry and more precise qualifying processes.

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No duplicity

Duplicate leads often lead to wasted effort and time. To guarantee you're obtaining accurate lead data, the Salez Robot software performs a rigorous uniqueness verification on the email and telephone ID, as well as an OTP authentication for added measure.

This way, your team does not waste time on duplicate, redundant info and more time on valid, authenticated data.

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Challenges triggered
by a lack of lead management

It is tiresome to manually search for leads, manage your database, draft catchy emails, and follow up, particularly if you want to grow your business. In addition, if you don't have a powerful lead management software, you may have difficulty locating lead leaks.

Inadequate insight into leads

Customers frequently have unpleasant experiences when sales and marketing staff cannot understand customers as a sum of their various interactions.

Physical lead scoring

Your team lacks a procedure or technique for qualifying and disqualifying leads, such as ratings and scores, resulting in lost output.

Lost opportunities

You are missing out on prospective customers because you are not tracking the prospect's behavior on your website, product, and email.

Lead conversion is challenging

Your sales and marketing staff neglect follow-ups, respond to inquiries late and antagonize leads.

Lead nurturing is absent

Because your staff does not interpret the prospects' needs correctly, they are powerless to send prompt emails and create long-term relationships.

Unrealized revenue from dropped leads

Your range of criteria will almost always result in rejecting some promising leads. Usually, these leads are dismissed, resulting in all the money and effort invested in acquiring them being squandered.

Benefits of using a

lead management system

Salez Robot gives your sales reps crystal clear clarity on the channels to be deployed, the engagement strategies to be employed, and the process to be maintained in each phase, from customer acquisition through lead capture, lead allocation, engagement and nurturing to sealing the deal.

Your sales reps will never forget a meeting, a target, or a note again. Salez Robot helps your team keep track of all their meetings, assignments, reminders, records, and follow-ups against the leads.

How about an AI-powered lead management system that dynamically supplements your contacts' data with their social and publicly available information? Sounds too good to be true, right? Salez Robot does more. Our software helps cut down physical work and increases the efficiency of your marketing and sales personnel.

With our efficient lead management solution, you will know about the different phases your leads go through in their purchase lifecycle and activity chronology. Thanks to the real-time frame of reference, your sales representatives and marketing teams can connect conveniently by phone, email, chat, and SMS via CRM.

Reach a wide range of customers with the aid of categorization. Focus on the right mix of leads, categorize them according to demographics, region, and behavior, and increase the impact of your marketing initiatives.

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