Build forms and surveys. Gather valuable insights. Identify opportunities.

Forms and surveys give you an inside story about how your customers value your product/ service and what they truly feel about it. Fortunately, RForms is designed to minimize complexities and maximize data value.

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Playbook for identifying your SWOT

Did your last product update do its job? Did the staff benefit from the talent development programme? Are your subscribers going to recommend your service? So you have all these questions swirling about but no concrete answers.

Enter RForms

RForms makes constructing surveys and feedback forms easy, so you can go from assuming to learning more about your customers and prospects. And that's just the start of it.

With RForms, users are empowered to enhance response rates, publish surveys to respondents worldwide in a matter of minutes, and share them on their websites and social media accounts for greater engagement.


  • Step 1 Measure it
  • Step 2 Know for sure
  • Step 3 Discover insights
  • Step 4 Make it count
  • Step 5 No fuss, no-code software

RForms - The Process

RForms is a cloud-based feedback collection software that allows users to construct, share, and evaluate surveys in real time.

RForms simplifies measuring your product/ service offerings' Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. When you measure it, you can do something about it!

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Businesses can conduct surveys to determine why their product is not selling enough or why users love it. Likewise, know the areas that need improving or continue with the same level of service delivery because customers are satisfied. In any case, feedback collections are made easier with RForms.

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Surveys and forms are valuable data goldmines as they allow you to discover the attitudes and perceptions towards your product/service on both a micro-individual level and a macro-group level. Be that as it may, RForms comes preloaded with many templates to make your job much easier.

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Run a far-reaching survey that interacts with your web traffic. Publish forms on your social handles or auto-disseminate to a niche segment through targeted promotional initiatives. Keep results confined or share them publicly. RForms is designed with freedom in mind.

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Build as you go. RForms comes with multiple predefined frameworks and built-in functionalities that you can adapt to suit your survey need. Enjoy your coffee. Let the no-code software do its thing.

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Challenges of not
having a survey software

Surveys and forms can be a valuable source of insights, a fount of knowledge that comes directly from the horse's mouth - your clients. They help assess your value propositions and identify areas that need improvement. However, not having software such as RForms can result in surveys that are incapable of delivering precise findings, have an incorrect flow, and are peppered with irrelevant questions, resulting in surveys that do not offer the most relevant findings.

Losing way with the purpose

Amongst the most challenging aspects of running a survey that is not deeply integrated with a CRM is losing way with the goal. An aimless survey will feature unrelated questions with no apparent aim. Because there are no insights into your target audience, or an accurate lowdown into what makes them tick (or ticks them off), you cannot precisely identify your survey's goal.

Poor respondent engagement

Since your survey software is not integrated with CRM, you are short of user insights that can help you deep-dive into actionable strategies. You constantly ask, "Will my respondents hit the submit button? What am I trying to achieve with this? Am I asking the right questions to the right person? What areas need improving? What will I do with the findings?".

Lack of high-level data

If your survey software is not integrated with CRM, it can be daunting to integrate your CRM with tags. Tags allow you to answer the how whys, whens and hows. However, by not having CRM-integrated survey software, you will be unable to observe when your respondents responded, how they engaged with your form or which digital advertising campaign worked.

Building surveys from scratch

Let's face it - survey-making can take a big bite off your productive day. Things get even rougher when you have many questions that need answering but need more time to put them together. Besides, you cannot leverage any integrations to transmit data automatically - you're stuck with manual processes.

One respondent - many responses

Getting duplicate responses can make anyone irritable. And yes, receiving identical replies to the same survey can severely distort your survey statistics since the same respondent fills your survey many times over. This is a genuine and tiresome challenge of not using survey software that is CRM-integrated.

A sledgehammer to crack a nut

You are a little unsure about the aim of your survey and on the shaky ground about how and what you are measuring. You plan to measure one too many parameters or the incorrect stuff, making data analysis difficult. Choosing what to measure is tied directly to the survey's aims.

Deep integration with CRM

3X sales and double the team productivity are no accidents. RForms allows for deep integration with
our AI-powered CRM, opening up a world of possibilities that go beyond static
survey and form software. Here's how:

Benefits of a

CRM-integrated survey software

How soon you reach out to your customers with feedback/ opinion surveys speaks a lot about your brand. Regardless of where they are in the sales pipeline, prompt surveys impact how an end-user perceives your brand and help you understand your customer personas based on analysis and stats.

The quickest way to get unbiased data is by directly getting it from the horse's mouth - the end users. And RForms allows you to do just that. Because RForms is deeply integrated with our AI-powered CRM, businesses can gather data and build strategies centered on survey findings. Fast and easy.

CRM and survey tools complement one other perfectly. By merging the data and CRM's AI-powered tools with the market analysis powers of surveys, you can create more targeted promotional and revenue-generating campaigns that offer more wiggle room for your business to grow.

Finally, your sales, marketing, and support teams will synergise perfectly. Tight integration with CRM ensures this. RForms directly uploads real-time survey responses against the prospective and existing customers' database, ensuring that your entire team has up-to-date data. Because there is an automatic, synchronous interplay of responses against the database, your team knows everything there is to know.

Deploy RForm's advanced analytic tools, such as tools for detailed variable analysis and survey data assessment. This helps determine the survey's authenticity, repeatability, and statistical value. Furthermore, a wide range of information, such as attitudes, views, viewpoints, values, habits, and facts, can be analysed in-depth.

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